PPM Template for Real Estate Investment Fund – LLC 506(b)


Regulation D Rule 506(b) Real Estate PPM Template

Rule 506b allows the use of up 35 non-accredited investors and any amount of capital can be raised. For single projects we recommend our Real Estate Syndicate PPM.


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PPM Template for Real Estate Investment Fund – LLC 506(b)

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This template is compliant with Regulation D Rule 506(b) and is Compliant with Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

(Microsoft Word Document – Fully Editable – 79 Pages)

Successfully used for all types of real estate projects, this Legal Grade Memorandum is designed as a capital pooling fund (hedge or private equity fund) used to collect investment capital for the purpose of buying, holding and/or developing multiple projects simultaneously. (For single projects we recommend our Real Estate Syndicate PPM)

This template is predesigned to accept from $500,000 up to $100 million or more in investment capital from “private investors” for commercial and/or residential real estate property. The amount of capital can be adjusted to any amount.

This template works with almost any real estate capital pooling transaction.

The document is designed as a ”closed-end fund” with a Corporation as the manager of the fund, however it can be customized as an open-end fund.

– Cover page
– Table of contents
– Investment summary
– Return on investment terms
– All 50 State Blue Sky Legends are included as well as the District of Columbia
(To add Foreign Legends you must add them to your cart separately)
– Management fee details
– Regulation D disclaimers
– Offering summary
– Business Plan section (many elements are already in the document)
– Interactive Fund investment flow chart
– Investment structure
– Property risk analysis
– Income appreciation flow chart
– Construction flow chart
– Commercial and residential property definitions
– Management/director/officer backgrounds
– Use of Proceeds
– Terms & Conditions
– Investment requirements
– Risk Factors
– Competitive analysis
– Dilution and ownership detail
– Plan of placement
– Subscription Agreement
– Investor Suitability Questionnaire
– SEC Form D (PDF Format)
– SEC Form ID (PDF Format)
– State Blue Sky Forms (PDF Format)
– ERISA Language
– Patriot Act Disclosure

***79 pages***
Product is not a software program. This is a software file delivered in Microsoft Word Format (fully editable). It is available via download (email receipt or online account) immediately following your purchase. The software file is packaged in a .zip file.

To comply with Regulation D our PPM Templates include all 51 state (includes District of Columbia) NASAA Jurisdictional Legends. If you plan to include investors for outside the United States you need to add a General Foreign Legend, which is available for purchase in the State and Foreign Jurisdictional Legends category section of the store.

We provide one blank Form D with your template package, however we also provide a custom service whereby our in-house staff will file your Form D for you (choose “Filing Form D” from the menu above).

Except for Florida each State requires a “Blue Sky” filing. All states now use the NASAA Electronic Filing Depository (EFD) system except for Arizona. Arizona has its on online filing system where you can upload your Form D and pay the state filing fee. New York does use the EFD system however for Real Estate syndicates they require a Form 99 and a Form U-2, which we have included in your template package.