PPM Template for Real Estate Syndicate-LLC 506(b)


Regulation D Rule 506(b) Real Estate Syndicate PPM Template

Rule 506b allows the use of up 35 non-accredited investors and any amount of capital can be raised. This template is specially designed for a syndication and not a fund. For funds use our Real Estate Fund PPMs.


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PPM Template for Real Estate Syndicate-LLC 506(b)

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This template is compliant with Regulation D Rule 506(b) and is Compliant with Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

(Microsoft Word Document – Fully Editable)

The Real Estate Syndication Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) was created so investors can pool their collective resources and invest in large and small projects. For example, they can buy, renovate, lease and sell a property, or capitalize a project starting from vacant land. There really is no limit. Rule 506(b) allows unlimited accredited investor and up to 35 non-accredited investors but does not allow advertising.

This template is predesigned to accept any amount of investment capital from “private investors” for commercial and/or residential real estate property. It is setup for an LLC that will be managed by a separate LLC; however, it can easily be revised to a Corp or LP as the management company. This is the most commonly used investment structure for specific (or single) property type investments and allows the management company to invest in projects much larger than they otherwise might have been able to afford.

This template will work with almost any real estate syndication transaction.

– Cover page
– All 50 State Blue Sky Legends are included as well as the District of Columbia
(To add Foreign Legends you must add them to your cart separately)
– Table of contents
– Glossary of Terms
– Summary of the Offering
– Qualification of Investors
– Offering
– Company
– Company Manager
– Compensation and Fees to Manager
– Selling Agent
– Risk Factors
– Projected Sources and Uses of Cash for Entire Project
– Legal Structure
– Distribution to Members
– No Tax Ruling
– Conflicts of Interest
– Standard of Care: Indemnification
– Restriction on Transfer
– How to Subscribe
– Operating Agreement
– Subscription Agreement
– Investor Suitability Questionnaire
– SEC Form D (PDF Format)
– SEC Form ID (PDF Format)
– State Blue Sky Forms (PDF Format)
– ERISA Language
– Patriot Act Disclosure

***59 pages not including the Operating agreement (37 pages)***
Product is not a software program. This is a software file delivered in Microsoft Word Format (fully editable). It is available via download (email receipt or online account) immediately following your purchase. The software file is packaged in a .zip file.

To comply with Regulation D our PPM Templates include all 51 state (includes District of Columbia) NASAA Jurisdictional Legends. If you plan to include investors for outside the United States you need to add a General Foreign Legend, which is available for purchase in the State and Foreign Jurisdictional Legends category section of the store.

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Except for Florida each State requires a “Blue Sky” filing. All states now use the NASAA Electronic Filing Depository (EFD) system except for Arizona. Arizona has its on online filing system where you can upload your Form D and pay the state filing fee. New York does use the EFD system however for Real Estate syndicates they require a Form 99 and a Form U-2, which we have included in your template package.