All States Jurisdictional Legend Package


State Blue Sky Legends

Already have a PPM and just need Legends we have a complete package of legends for use with accredited and non-accredited investors.


State Jurisdictional Legends Package

Includes all 50 State NASAA Legends plus District of Columbia.

To comply with Regulation D state Blue Sky Laws and NASAA disclosure requirements you must include Jurisdictional Legends on all unregistered securities. Our legends will allow you to meet this requirement. Our state legends package contains legends for use with accredited and non-accredited offerings, while most state legends are the same there are a number of states that specify the use of non-accredited investors. Please note: if you purchase one of our PPM templates they already include these legends.

If you plan to include investors from outside the United States you need to use a General Foreign Legend, which is available for purchase by selecting Foreign Legends on the Legends page.


This is a software file delivered in Microsoft Word Format. It is available via download (email receipt or online account) immediately following your purchase.